Corporate philosophy

★ The principle of customer first - research and satisfaction of customer needs is the eternal main line of work.

★ Decision making principle - based on consensus, multiple choices, action and results.

★ Communication principle - attach importance to the role of communication, and emphasize face-to-face, cross departmental and multi-level regular communication.

★ The principle of continuous improvement - continuously eliminate the eight wastes - excessive production waste, defective production waste, excessive process waste, excessive inventory waste, material handling and transportation waste, excessive action waste, waiting time waste, and employee creativity waste.

★ One flow principle - "three no's" shall be achieved on site - no gaps, no interruptions, and no problems can be hidden at any time.

★ Prevention principle - attach importance to the application of error prevention and correction methods.

★ The principle of "on the spot" - to solve problems and optimize the process, we must trace back to the source, observe in person, and verify the data and conditions obtained.

★ Principle of technology application - rationality of technology application is more important than progressiveness, and maturity of market is more important than potential demand. Verify that the design defects can be fully remedied; The accumulation and improvement of verification standards are the basis of design specifications.

★ Standardization principle - the process of business organization, the standardization of record forms, and the informatization of operation means are important ways to improve team efficiency