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The purpose of electric welding machine is to use the high temperature electric arc generated when the positive and negative poles are short circuited instantaneously to melt the solder and the material to be welded on the welding electrode, so as to combine the objects to be contacted. Its structure is very simple, which is a high-power transformer.


Diesel electric welding machine

Product Description

Electricity generation Model PT250A
Rated voltage (v) 230
Rated frequency (Hz) 50
Rated power (kw) 7.0 
Maximum power (kw) 7.5 
Electric welding DC voltage (v) 12.0 
No load voltage (kw)  65
Load duration (%) 60
Current regulation range (A) 50-250
Electrode diameter (mm) 2.0-5.0
Insulation class F
Degree of protection IP23
Engine Model PT192F(E)
Engine type Single cylinder, vertical, four stroke, forced air cooling, direct injection
Displacement (cc) 499
Ignition mode Compression ignition
Startup mode Manual/electric start
Oil tank capacity (L) 12.5
Fuel consumption rate/continuous operation time (L/h) 2.72/4.6
Oil capacity (L)  1.65
Packing Product size (mm) 700×485×635
Package size (mm) 715×500×660
Net weight/gross weight (kgs) 98/103
20 feet packing quantity 99
40 'Packing Quantity 216
Packing quantity of 40 foot high cabinet 288

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