Difference between gasoline engine and diesel engine

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2022-10-21 16:10

Different fuels used

They use different fuels. As the name suggests, gasoline engines use gasoline; Diesel engines use diesel fuel. Compared with gasoline engines, diesel fuel of diesel engines is cheap and economical.

Different ignition methods

Gasoline engines need spark plugs to ignite the mixture, while diesel engines use compression ignition. The diesel engine has few faults because there is no ignition system.

Use different materials

The gasoline engine is made of aluminum alloy, plastic and other materials. Small size, light weight, easy to start, stable operation, fast speed. The compression ratio of the diesel engine is large. The cylinder is made of steel plate, iron plate and other materials, which is relatively solid and heavy because it needs to bear greater pressure.

Different security

Diesel engine and gasoline engine are relatively safe. Because diesel is less volatile than gasoline, with a higher ignition point, and is less likely to be ignited or explode by accident, diesel engines are more stable and safe than gasoline engines.

Different power

Because of different ignition methods, diesel engines rely on compression ignition, that is, the pressure of the piston in the cylinder causes diesel fuel to self ignite under pressure, which requires a large compression ratio. This makes the output torque of diesel engines larger than that of gasoline engines. The large torque will not affect the speed, but will affect the instant acceleration and load capacity of the vehicle. Therefore, many large transport vehicles use diesel fuel, which can accelerate quickly but also have a large load. In addition, almost all diesel engines are turbocharged. This is also a feature.

Different uses

Because of the different power, gasoline engines are suitable for small and fast vehicles such as automobiles and airplanes; Diesel engines are suitable for large trucks, tractors, locomotives and ships with large loads.

Different pollution emissions

Because they use different fuels, diesel contains relatively more impurities. Especially white wax, which is easy to precipitate and condense, blocks the oil pipe and exhaust system, and causes more emission pollution.


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