Selection and purchase method of electric welding machine

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2022-10-21 16:33

1、 When purchasing electric welding machine products, we should go to the production enterprises or big shopping malls to purchase, and we should choose higher brand famous products. If you want to get cheap, go to small stores to buy electric welding machines.

2、 When purchasing, check whether the nameplate on the product has the manufacturer's name, production address, specification and model, welding current conditioning range, load duration, input voltage and current and other contents, and then recognize the welding machine you want to purchase according to the work needs.

3、 At the time of purchase, the dealer can be required to provide the product quality inspection report or certificate. As the electric welding machine is a mandatory product, it is necessary to acknowledge whether the product has passed the "" when purchasing. It can also be queried online.

4、 When purchasing, check whether the product has grounding screws, and the connection of the grounding screws should be grounded without paint. Check whether the clean edge of the movement is damaged for safe operation.

5、 Before purchase, the operator can check the operation, conversion and installation of the switch on the lower panel, whether the power indicator is on or off, whether the fan is normal, whether the power part has abnormal vibration and buzzer, whether there is abnormal smell, whether there is discoloration and other heating phenomena on the appearance, so as to give full play to the performance of the welding machine based on the quality of the welding machine.

6、 If the gas maintenance welding machine is to be purchased, it is also necessary to check whether the accessories, the wire feeder have oil stains, whether the rotation is stable, whether the connecting cable matches the surface edge and whether there is damage, so as to ensure the stability of the arc.

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