Differences between gasoline generator and diesel generator

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2022-10-21 16:25

Which is better, diesel generator or gasoline generator? I believe that many customers will have different opinions on the differences, advantages and disadvantages, and various power problems between diesel engines and generators when choosing these two products, such as the power problems of 5kw diesel generators and 10kw diesel generators?

Generally speaking, gasoline generators are small in size and easy to move. They are suitable for light load occasions and generally used in small construction sites; The diesel engine is large, inconvenient to move, and has large output. It is suitable for heavy load occasions, and is generally used for unit self provided power supply or large construction sites. There is no difference between the two, but their purposes are different.

Diesel generators are used in large public places or construction sites. The power is effective, but it is noisy and fuel efficient. It is very economical for public places. However, gasoline generators do not have that much horsepower. Low noise, easy to carry, but high fuel consumption. Another point is to consider the location of use. Diesel generators have high weather requirements. For example, winter in the north may not be easy to start.

Then, compared with 5kw diesel generator and 10kw diesel generator, this is just the difference of horsepower. The specific calculation of fuel consumption is as follows: fuel consumption (L)=electric degree (kw. h)/9.26/oil engine efficiency n1/generator efficiency n2

These two kinds of efficiency are variables, especially the efficiency of oil engine, which changes obviously with the load rate. Generally speaking, the load rate is about 80%, and it is generally about 30%~5085% for generators~90%

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