Advantages and disadvantages of gasoline engine and diesel engine

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2022-10-21 16:11

Advantages of gasoline engine:

The petrol version is relatively cheap, very convenient and cumbersome to maintain. The petrol version of the camper is easier to replace than the diesel engine. The gasoline engine has the characteristics of high speed, strong adaptability, stable soft work, convenient and labor-saving operation, light weight, low noise, low cost, easy starting, etc. It is widely used in automobiles, medium and small trucks, and military off-road vehicles.

Disadvantages of gasoline engine:

The fuel consumption rate is high, the economy is poor, and the exhaust gas purification index is low. Gasoline engine vehicles such as cars and buses often drive in cities and often stop due to road congestion. Therefore, even under normal operation, the engine is often at idle speed, cold state and gasoline engine state, and the engine temperature and pressure will be lower than that of diesel engine. Under low temperature, gasoline engine oil is easy to turn into cold sludge, so gasoline engine oil has good dispersibility to cold sludge.

Advantages of diesel engine:

1. Long service life, economical and durable. The speed of the diesel engine is low, the relevant parts are not easy to age, the wear of the parts is less than that of the gasoline engine, the service life is longer, there is no ignition system, and there are fewer auxiliary appliances. The failure rate of the diesel engine is far lower than that of the gasoline engine.

2. High security. Diesel fuel is more stable and safer than gasoline because it is less volatile than gasoline, has a higher ignition point, and is less prone to accidental ignition and explosion.

3. Low speed and high torque. Diesel engines usually obtain high torque at very low speeds and are superior to gasoline engines on difficult roads, slopes and loads. However, it is not as good as gasoline vehicles in terms of the same level of acceleration and high-speed driving on the expressway.

Disadvantages of diesel engine:

1. The ignition mode of diesel engine is compression ignition. Compared with gasoline vehicles, it has no spark plug structure and produces toxic gases due to lack of oxygen. NOX and other toxic gases may be released into the atmosphere to cause pollution. For this reason, diesel vehicles are equipped with urea tanks, which can neutralize this toxic gas and prevent air pollution.

2. The noise of diesel engine is relatively loud, which is due to its structure, which affects the riding quality of passengers. However, due to technological progress, the noise control of medium and high-end diesel engines is basically similar to that of automotive engines.

3. In winter, the temperature is low, and the wrong selection of diesel will make the fuel pipe icing, resulting in abnormal operation of the diesel engine.

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