Features and precautions of sewage pump

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2022-10-21 16:19

Features of sewage pump

1. The flow passage components have unique design, high efficiency and full head (no overload) characteristics. The pump can operate efficiently and safely in a large flow range.

2. With strong passing capacity and large channel anti blocking design of impeller, the pump can effectively deliver liquid containing solid particles, impurities, long fibers, etc. with a diameter of 6-125 mm.

3. The motor adopts a spacer type external circulation cooling system, which can operate safely and reliably even when exposed to the liquid surface or installed dry.

4. It is equipped with multiple alarm protection systems and liquid level control systems for water leakage, electric leakage, oil leakage, overload, undervoltage, lack, etc., and centralized control and effective protection for various operating conditions.

5. The automatic installation system has reasonable design, good strength, flexible and convenient installation, and there is no need to build a pump house to reduce the project cost.

6. Imported high-quality bearings and high temperature resistant grease are used to increase the service life of vulnerable parts to more than 10000 hours.

Precautions when using sewage pump

1. Before starting the sewage pump, the suction pipe, bottom valve and pump body shall be filled with water, and the upper end of the buffer of the pressure gauge shall be filled with oil. Pay attention to the rotation direction. If it is contrary to the regulations, any two phases of the three-phase motor of the sludge pump can be changed.

2. When starting, do not add water, the sealing packing should not be too tight, and it should be adjusted after starting.

3. Under normal conditions, the pump shall be stopped at no load. When the pump is stopped for a long time, all water holes shall be opened, the cylinder head shall be loosened, the bottom valve drain rod shall be lifted, and all sediment in the pump body and pipeline shall be discharged.

4. When dealing with urban sewage, a filter screen is usually added in front of the sewage treatment pool. The working principle of the special urban sewage pump is to block the filament winding before the suction of the pump, so that it cannot enter the pump chamber, so that the pump can work better and has a longer life.

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